About Cloud

Cloud Lounge offers the best of 4C's
Coffee . Chocolate . Cigar . Chicha

The Cloud's unique interior was designed to reflect the Baroque era with aged surfaces and a set of classic artwork to fill the air with history.

The lounge is handsomely appointed with Victorian details fused with a charming and timeless cozy selection of vibrant neo-Victorian and classic funiture: all conspiring to make you never want to leave. The result - A true turn of the century lounge with an enchanting atmosphere to take you back in time to the gentle baroque era.

House Rules

- We do not sell alcoholic beverages
- No Cigarette smoking
- Cigar smoking outdoors only
- No pets allowed
- Must be 18 and older
- No food and beverages from outside

Proper Attire
We kindly ask you to respect our dress code

-No Shorts, tanktops or haltertops
-No bare feet or "flip flops"
-No Offenssive,Obscene, politically
suggestive slogans or carichatures
shall be displayed on clothing.

Weekly live entertainment, valet service,
private parties and celebrations (birthdays, wedding showers, graduations..etc)








2525 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22201
703-525-7700 |  703-525-7701

Email: feedback@cloudlounge.co


Sunday - Thursday: 5 pm - 2 am
Friday & Saturday: 5 pm - 4 am

(Tysons Corner Location Coming Soon)